Hotel guests expect their rooms to be neat and clean at the start of each day. Since cleanliness can make or break a hotel business, a hotel’s Housekeeping duties are amongst the most important. Housekeeping is not the easiest task to take on. The finishing touches in a room are what make it more homey and cozy for the guests: correct turn down, fluffing the pillows, arranging the dresser (without moving personal items), putting items away, folding towels with care and opening the blinds so the morning or afternoon sunlight can reflect off the newly cleaned surfaces.

Perhaps the most important of all hotel Housekeeping tips is to smile. A smile is infectious and demonstrates to the hotel guests that the Housekeepers are friendly and reliable. A smile conveys trust. This is important when the Housekeeper enters a hotel guest’s personal space.

Our training can be done on-the-job, through classes or both. The training teaches staff the proper standards and familiarises them, in particular, with the specific standards of your hotel. The subjects are:

Preparing the Cart                                             Stripping the Room

Removal of Garbage                                         Making the Beds

Cleaning the Bathroom                                    Turn Down

Dusting the Room                                             Finishing Touches

Laundry Service                                                 Guest Awareness

Body Language                                                   Grooming



“Rika is an excellent trainer. She knows how to motivate the staff and make them feel like professionals which is great for their self-esteem.”

Cape Town Hollow