Heilbron Hospitality provides Interior Yacht Training.

Our main training is for the Interior Crew: Food and Beverage Service, Laundry, Housekeeping, Management and Administration Skills in both Introductory and Advanced Levels. We also have, on request, partners with whom we work with who are qualified to train other departments such as Chefs, Deck, Engineering, Pursers, if necessary.

The development in our training programme is as follows:  Essentially it is a career development route in 3 stages: the Introductory Level, which requires no previous yacht or hospitality experience, the Advanced Level, requiring 12 months previous experience and 60 days Guest Service time and the Management Level which requires 12 months previous experience and 60 days Guest Service time, whilst holding the position of Chief Steward/ess. We are accredited to train at all levels.

Heilbron Hospitality signs standard a NDA on all Yacht Training Projects.


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